These 5 drone startups are flying high in the Netherlands in 2018

These 5 drone startups are flying high in the Netherlands in 2018

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Drone makers across the globe have changed the theories and fiction from sci-fi movie into a real-world application. With many technical advancements happening at present, drone manufacturers have forged ahead into a wide range of applications in various sectors including military, civic and commercial purposes.

Although, the drone industry is still in its primitive stages, the drone makers are coming up with products that punch above their weight to differentiate themselves from others. Currently, a lot of drone makers available around the world from making cheap drones to impeccable drones used for cinematography and other purposes. In this article, we have listed top five startups in the drones market in the Netherlands as identified by industry experts.

#1 AtmosUAV

Headquartered at the Netherlands, AtmosUAV is a high-tech start-up that designs and manufactures aerial observation and data gathering solutions. With a group of expert engineers pursuing the same passion, ATMOS UAV became the first in the world to design and developed an autonomous crewless aircraft that successfully made a vertical take-off and landing and efficient horizontal flight.

This Delft-based company is targeting the global mapping industry, from construction and mining to agriculture and environmental applications for governmental, academic and SME institutions.

#2 Avular

Founded by Albert Maas, Gerbert van de Ven, and Ramon Haken in 2014, the drone and robotic company aims to accelerate the robotic age. The startup helps drone operators, research institutions and other companies with obtaining meaningful data from the skies for a variety of applications, including industrial inspections, surveying and agricultural.

Based out of Eindhoven, Avular has raised total funding around €2 million in over 3 rounds. The latest funding came from a Venture – Series Unknown round on May 1, 2018.


Founded in 2016 by Pieter Oranje, Anouk Visser, Camiel Verschoor, and Kitso Epema, is a cloud-based platform that offers data collection automation services to its clients. In ties with drone companies, the company positions, measures, and tracks assets to report their status. The latest funding came from a Seed round of € 20K.

#4 Aerialtronics

Aerialtronics founded by Robin van de Putte in 2012 provides innovative solutions for professionals across a variety of industries like Safety & Security, Inspection, Surveying & Mapping. The solution utilises drones, artificial intelligence and IOT data to provide businesses. It also works on a platform called Zenith, which is designed as an advanced information-collecting platform.

It’s a high performance-flying server that records, processes and transmits data back to the cloud where analytics turn it into information. The company has raised a total of €3M in funding in its only round.

#5 RanMarine Technology

This drone technology company from the Netherlands specialises in autonomous drones that swim through water, clear the water of waste, plastics and other non-biodegradables, as well as oils and other chemical contaminants. It is designed explicitly for inland and near-coastal water to catch marine litter before it is carried away into the open ocean by tide, current and wind.

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