This Dutch startup lets you eat lunch and dine at the best restaurants with 50% off

This Dutch startup lets you eat lunch and dine at the best restaurants with 50% off

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Who doesn’t love eating out? And that too if you just have to pay half the price of your food bill.

Dutch startup RestaurantKaart with a similar concept, has raised €750,000 in a new investment round led by both current shareholders and new business angels / informal investors. Furthermore, the company is planning to utilise this fund in expanding to more cities in the Netherlands.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for this round, we were even oversubscribed”, said the chairman of the advisory board Just Jongeleen, “We like to hold on through the next stage.”

Win-win for guests and hosts!

At times, there are empty tables at restaurants with ingredients already purchased. Restaurant Card offers restaurants the opportunity to fill the empty tables free of charge with members who enjoy good food.

Back in 2018, RestaurantKaart ran a successful pilot in the Haarlem region. With the new funding, the company is planning to expand the pilot to Leiden, The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam respectively.

Restaurant Card subscription!

Restaurant Card is a membership with which you can eat at more than 600 restaurants throughout the Netherlands for half the price. You can lunch and dine at the nicest restaurants with a 50% discount on the à la carte menu.

Ahead of the rollout in Amsterdam, RestaurantKaart has already signed a partnership with Taste Of Amsterdam, a culinary happening in Amsterdam from 30th May to 2nd June.

Erik van der Plas CEO:

Our goal is to have 100,000 enthusiastic members in 2020 who go out for dinner every week with RestaurantKaart. Before we take major (er) steps, we will first further validate and prove our business model in 5 cities in the Netherlands. That is what we are going to use this investment for!

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