This Switzerland startup aims to make efficient house heating available across Europe very soon: All you need to know

This Switzerland startup aims to make efficient house heating available across Europe very soon: All you need to know

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The home energy management market is on an all-time high, thanks to technology. A lot of startups and reputed companies are coming up with innovative new products allowing owners to retrofit their homes for maximum efficiency, comfort, and control. The steam systems used a few years back are difficult to control and can be enormously wasteful.

In this regard, Koleda, a Swiss startup is on a mission to bring steam heat into the 21st century. The company has today announced its SOLUS+ radiator, which is paving the way for smart and environmentally friendly home heating solutions.

Smart home technology!

The SOLUS+ has been designed with the environmentally-conscious consumer with sustainability and efficiency at its core philosophy. The radiator features intuitive smart home technology that will enable users to transparently track their energy costs in real time as well as set smart heating schedules.

Moreover, the company is also planning to integrate geolocation and predictive heating functionality as well. The SOLUS+ is LOT20 compliant, has already gained TÜV Nord accreditation and is IP44 rated, meaning that it is approved for sale across Europe and beyond.

‘plug and play’ setup

The lightweight glass design of SOLUS+ is sleeker and more elegant than traditional radiators. Its ‘plug and play’ setup makes the device incredibly easy to use with zero installation costs, allowing owners to install them into their property in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, SOLUS+ comes with a dedicated app and is Amazon Alexa & Google Home compatible

Available in two sizes – M1 and M2, designed to heat 15m2 and 20m2 respectively, the graphene-based patent-pending heating element of SOLUS+ heater can get up to temperature much quicker whilst maintaining cost-efficiency of around 30% when compared with conventional electric heaters.

The SOLUS+ is currently available for pre-order through Indiegogo at 48% discount, with an RRP of £300/€350. The target for funding is €25’000, the Indiegogo closes on 7th of June.

CEO & Co-Founder of Koleda, Maxim Interbrick said:

We are all incredibly excited to announce our SOLUS+ radiator. We’re incredibly hopeful as to what SOLUS+ can achieve for consumers and we believe it will really disrupt the home heating market. Our innovative graphene-based heating element hardware, combined with smart, predictive software functionality will create a home heating system designed for the connected homes of the future. As renewable (Green) energy sources increase supply on the grid, electricity in many countries will become ‘greener’ and over time cheaper. Many homes still rely on traditional radiators that have been in place for decades, with SOLUS+ we wanted to create a radiator that is fit for the future and will revolutionise the way we all think about heating, whilst drastically cutting bills.

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