The Netherlands still a minor player in the AI space: StartupDelta

The Netherlands still a minor player in the AI space: StartupDelta

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The Netherlands seems to be missing the international revolution in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI startups although growth in the Netherlands, but compared to other countries, this growth is not fast enough. This is evident from data research StartupDelta. For the director of StartupDelta, Nils Beers, the figures show that it is time for a national AI strategy. “If we do not invest more quickly, we miss the boat.”

From the data analysis of StartupDelta shows that investments in the Netherlands in 2018 a total of 102 million euros in Artifical Intelligence startups. The Netherlands lags behind other European countries such as the United Kingdom (1.2 billion euros), France (348 million) and Germany (243 million).

Also on the global stage AI, the Netherlands plays in terms of investment currently not prominent. 309 AI startups Netherlands is home to three percent of the total number of AI startups worldwide, but the Netherlands invests only 1% of the global total in Artifical Intelligence. In comparison, China invests 48% percent of the global total, while the country 36 percent of AI produces startups worldwide.

Employment remains

AI also provide Dutch startups for little jobs, compared with other countries. Currently employs about 8,500 people in the Netherlands with AI startups, including 340 specialists with PhDs, and have it last year but 287 jobs created at new AI startups. In other countries, like the United States, the number of jobs for AI specialists alone 9,000.

Netherlands must continue to invest according to Nils Beers to close the gap with the US, China and other European countries.

“Compared with these countries, we are a minor player. There are billion fund created to ensure the development of Artifical Intelligence in the future. Such national AI strategy we also need here.” He also calls for improved measures to keep talent here. “Already Dutch AI talent poached by foreign companies, while there are students here simultaneously tops training as Artificial Intelligence. Knowing that this is one of the most important topics today, is more than worrying development.”

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