Want a job in Barcelona? These tech startups want you right now!

Want a job in Barcelona? These tech startups want you right now!

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Barcelona, the Spanish capital is a bustling city with beautiful and artistic buildings, art galleries and restaurants. Though it is home to beautiful landscapes, the city is also known for its diverse startup ecosystem. Barcelona provides a lively networking scene.

In terms of the tech ecosystem, Barcelona is where the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is hosted on a yearly basis. Even the startup event 4YFN (4 Years From Now) is also hosted in the city. Usually, these events are attended by hundreds and thousands of professionals from the global countries.

If you are new to Barcelona and want to work in this space, then there are numerous innovative startups that are hiring at a fast rate. Today, here we have listed such fast-hiring Barcelona startups as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Guillermo de Barnola, Marc Montserrat
Funding: €3.1 million
Valuation: €3 million – €5 million
Founded Year: 2011

Why its hot: ClinicPoint is the pioneer and leader in selling online health services. It was founded by a team of doctors and specialists and is innovating the way patients access private medicine and makes it affordable for everyone. Till date, the company has provided over 25,000 treatments and has over 25 medical specialities.


Founders: Pascal Pegaz-Paquet
Founded Year: 2004

Why its hot: Fluendo is a leading provider of multimedia software solutions that are based on Gstreamer. This is an open source and cross-platform multimedia framework. The company is involved in the development of highly efficient solutions ranging from audio and video codecs to media player streaming applications.


Founders: Guillem Corominas, Joan Pinyol Blasi
Funding: €3.9 million
Founded Year: 2007

Why its hot: DEXMA is an energy analytics company providing cost-effective, flexible and integrated hardware and software tools enabling complete visibility of energy consumption as well as cost. DEXCell Energy Manager is an intelligent energy management suite, which is cloud-based and combines alters, analysis, monitoring and reporting in a scalable and easy-to-use SaaS solution.



Founders: David Bäckström, David Vrensk, Iván Parraga
Founded Year: 2013

Why its hot: SeQura offers e-commerce retailers a solution that will help them minimise consumer thresholds, increase average basket sizes and enhance conversation rates while securing payments. The startup offers e-commerce players easy access to invoice without any extensive financial administration or risk. This is possible via a simple API.


Founders: Daniel Marquès, Ramon Eixarch
Founded Year: 1999

Why its hot: WIRIS operates with the mission to continuously advance tools for scientific collaboration and communication. This is done by working with the most vital productivity tools used by publishing, scientific and education communities. MathType is a professional tool used to edit mathematical notations. It works with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and more.

Fab Lab Barcelona

Founders: Tomas Diez
Founded Year: 2007

Why its hot: Fab Lab Barcelona is a part of The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. It has produced projects including Hyper habitat IAAC and Fab Lab House. Currently, it is developing more products as well. The mission of Fab Lab is to provide access to tools, financial means and knowledge to innovate, educate and invent using technology.

AGORA Images

Founders: Octavi Royo
Funding: €2.7 million
Valuation: €8 million – €12 million
Founded Year: 2016

Why its hot: AGORA Images is on a mission to democratise photography. The company is meant to disrupt the industry, let people make money with their best photos by joining the major international photo contests. It combines the best photos of the year by people from across the world. It lets people from everywhere create and curate visual content.

World Mastery

Founders: Aniol Brosa, Oriol Segundo
Founded Year: 2015

Why its hot: World Mastery records and distributes e-learning content from celebrities in the Arts and Sports sector. The monthly subscription provides access to an online platform for users to consume content that can be used for professional use. This company has achieved a strong international growth in a short time.


Founders: Vicente Arias, Manu Arianoff
Funding: €4.3 million
Valuation: €14 million – €21 million
Founded Year: 2016

Why its hot: Coverfy is an insurtech startup that lets users manage insurance coverage and costs right from a mobile device. This app provides users to get the most from the insurance policies. It provides improvement and optimisation services without any sort of hidden fees. They can research and avail the best deal and also lets them perform transactions in a few steps.


Founders: Albert Bellonch, Roger Dobaño
Funding: €7.8 million
Valuation: $5 million – $7 million
Founded year: 2013

Why its hot: Quipo is a cloud-based financial and invoicing management software. It has been developed and designed for startups to save time. The startup is aimed at freelancers and small enterprises spend little time in administrative tasks. Quipo offers tools letting them classify information and make the same available in real-time for better and faster decision making.

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