These European tech startups are fighting against fake news in 2019

These European tech startups are fighting against fake news in 2019

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Fake news might seem to be new, but in reality, it is the platform used for the spread of misinformation. While it has been existing since ages, the rise in the use of the internet and social media has resulted in the faster spread of fake news. People do not verify the authenticity of the information they share on social media.

Given that it is a major threat to the national security and peace of mind of people, internet giants such as Google and social media companies have started coming up with new techniques that will reduce this threat to a great extent. Many startups and aspiring entrepreneurs are giving importance to combat the rise of misinformation spread. Here, we have come up with a list of fake detection startups in Europe as sourced from Dealroom.

Fabula AI (London)

Founders: Damon Mannion, Ernesto Schmitt, Federico Monti, Michael Bronstein

Fabula AI based in London and existing since 2018 was recently acquired by Twitter. This company deploys machine learning to detect fake information and also prevent it from spreading online. Fabula uses a patented system based on Artificial Intelligence called Geometric Deep Learning. The algorithms used by the company can learn from large and complex data sets obtained from social networks effectively.

Right of Reply (London)

Founders: Tom Brooks
Funding: €2.4 million

Right of Reply established in 2016 provides technical solutions to the issues related to fake news and cyber defamation. The company provides an innovative and patented service offering a low-cost, rapid, legally sound and definitive solution to misinformation in the form of web content such as videos, images, web forums, blog comments and articles. Right of Reply came up with a leading online reputation platform and has acquired IT solutions company BSS-ONE Dueenne Group last year.

Logically (London)

Founders: Lyric Jain
Funding: €1.2 million

The tech startup Logically is powered by machine learning and works on the mission to identify fake news. The startup founded in 2017 aims at using machine learning, natural language processing and human oversight to fight bias and misinformation. The platform developed by the company will act as a filter and ensure that users consume credible, factual and logically coherent.

nwzer (Netherlands)

Founders: Karim Maassen

Established in 2017, nwzer is the world’s first platform of citizen journalism powered by Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. Basically, citizen journalism is the process of collection and dissemination of information and news submitted by the public. The user-generated news agency plans to use high-end technology in order to make sure there is a layer of reliability. The Dutch startup also gives power to those who consume news and restores the goals and values of journalism.

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