This Copenhagen-based startup wants to become the ‘Netflix for podcasts’ in Europe, secures €6M funding

This Copenhagen-based startup wants to become the ‘Netflix for podcasts’ in Europe, secures €6M funding

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These days, there is a lot of demand for audio content across the world and this has given rise to podcasts. As consumers prefer premium and ad-free services, there is a huge market available for the companies in the podcast space.

Copenhagen-based Podimo is one such startup in the podcast sector in Europe. Started in April 2019 by Morten Strunge, Nikolaj Koppel, Andreas Sachse and Sverre Dueholm, Podimo operates with a mission to become Europe’s ‘Netflix for podcasts’.

Raised €6M seed funding

In a recent development, Podimo has secured €6 million seed funding led by Germany’s and Denmark’s Heartcore. With this funding, the podcast startup aims to cash in on the growing podcast consumption.

Will launch a freemium version

The Podimo app is designed to offer a superior experience in discovering and recommending podcasts than the existing streaming and download services. The idea is to make it easy and seamless to find your next podcast. The freemium model of the app will provide unlimited listening and features.

Aims to create revenue for producers

This Danish startup will launch both a free and paid version of the podcast app. And, aims to create a revenue stream for the producers of podcasts. The company hopes to make use of the opportunity to work closely with podcast creators and strengthen the ecosystem, so that creators are not heavily dependent on the advertising revenue. As there is a more robust revenue stream, new podcasters will be able to enter the market and existing ones can earn more.

Strunge, a co-founder of Podimo said, “We want to become the preferred partner for creators, by both working closely with their content, curate and match it with each individual user, but also by offering a superior monetisation model.”

Exclusive collections

Podimo offers users both the podcasts that already exist and a slew of exclusive podcasts from famous and brand new hosts. Talking about the exclusives at Podimo, there are podcasts from Casper Christensen, Hella Joof & Marie-Louise Tüxen, Third Ear and Umut Sakarya. And, many more will be made available soon.

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