Flygildi: Reykjavik-based drone startup raises funding from Spakur Finance

Flygildi: Reykjavik-based drone startup raises funding from Spakur Finance

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Flygildi, a Reykjavik-based startup has secured angel funding of undisclosed amount led by Spakur Finance. It has been stated that this investment will be used to fund the company’s marketing efforts in other countries and develop its drone software further.

Founded in 2012 by Hjalti Harðarson, an electrical engineer and Dr. Leifur Þór Leifsson, an aerospace engineer. Leifsson is an assistant professor at Iowa State University holding a position at Reykjavik University. And, Hjalti already founded Hugrún ehf. in 1982 and Hafmynd ehf in 1999.

Flygildi’s flagship product is the Silent Flyer, a silent and autonomous drone, which is similar to a bird. It has wings that can morph during the flight and retract into the body. As it is silent, this drone finds use in surveillance applications, research and wildlife photography.

The Silent Flyer cannot be differentiated from a real bird by the radar and it is for this reason that it is designed to be almost like a bird. It resembles an eagle, raven or seagull and is fitted with cameras and sensors. Eventually, it will find use both during a bright day and a dark night.

Flygildi and ISAVIA (Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration) signed a contract recently with the intention of using the former’s drones to scare away birds near airports as this is becoming an issue. Also, founders of Flygildi believe that it will be ideal for surveillance of rivers offering fish farms and angling.

Notably, Flygildi’s representatives will attend a series of meetings in the US with possible investors and partners in the next few months. As per the company’s chairman, the drone has garnered significant interest from Skydio, a drone company, Lockheed Martin, a weapons manufacturer and Oculus for further funding.

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