This London-based startup wants to become the Uber of fitness industry

This London-based startup wants to become the Uber of fitness industry

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Over the years, the fitness industry has evolved rapidly from its nascent unstructured beginning to a comprehensive ecosystem. Notably, the last couple of years has seen a series of developments in fitness for consumers, professionals, and establishments within the fitness industry.

Various factors like digital disruption, new trends, and opportunities are only going to make the fitness industry better, making health and wellness goals more attainable than ever before.

Just like other industries, tech plays a vital role in helping people get active by creating fitness experiences that are fun, habit-forming, social, and time and location sensitive. Having said that, there is a rapid increase in demand in the fitness industry for flexibility, online joining, no contracts, low costs and 24/7 access.

One such startup that brings much-needed flexibility to the fitness industry is the London-based Fitu. For the uninitiated, Fitu App (Android| iOS) founded by Rodrigo Contreras and Koen van den Heuvel, offers group fitness classes from freelance trainers for the price of a pint, at any desired time and location.

In the recent development, the London-based fitness platform has secured €408k through a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs with a goal of €273k.

With the funds, the company is planning to accelerate the growth, further penetrate the London market, and expand to national and international cities! Notably, a large portion of the funds will be used for growth marketing as well.

For your information, Seedrs is a UK-based online platform for investing in the equity of startups and other growth companies in Europe. It is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Fitu: How does it work?

Fitu app was created to change the industry model and offer flexible pay-as-you-go workouts. This platform allows users to book any physical activity that is happening around you, without the need for a membership. On the other hand, Fitu helps fitness studios, gyms, and trainers to generate extra revenue by filling up empty and unsold spots.

In a few month’s time, the company has managed to partner up with over 170 London studios, gyms, and trainers, featuring a total of 460 unique weekly workouts.

Fitu; Born out of boring gym routine!

Fitu was created by chance, when two friends, motivated to work out, bored by the gym routine and inflexibility of the industry. Furthermore,  being tied to long term contracts and paying unnecessary sign-up fees were seen as a problem as well.

It’s worth mentioning that Fitu offers fitness activities for users like disco yoga, outdoor boot camps, salsa classes, kickboxing, and so much more.

Rodrigo Contreras, said:

We were bored with the repetitive gym routine and, like anyone else, didn’t want to be tied to long-term contracts and fees. It was also ridiculously time-consuming to try to find and book workouts.

Koen van den Heuvel, said:

It was taking the fun out of something we loved. We realized that many of the people we knew shared our same complaints, so we started talking about the ‘what ifs’ and pretty quickly knew we wanted to solve the problem.

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