This Dutch bike app helps companies pay their employees for riding to work

This Dutch bike app helps companies pay their employees for riding to work

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Rotterdam-based tech startup ByCycling has recently won the pitching competition on ‘The Floor is yours 2018’ event. The December edition of Online Tuesday.

The Floor is Yours

For the uninitiated, ‘The Floor is Yours’ is a monthly offline event that organises a pitch competition where ten people get the stage for five minutes to pitch their idea, product, service or startup. With that being said, this year there have been eight candidates on the stage of IBM Amsterdam, since last summer the fixed location of Online Tuesday.

Requirements for a startup to score!

According Remco Janssen, founder & publisher and jury member, “a good startup should meet three conditions — a scalable business model, it must solve a problem and really make an impact.”

Founded by Josh Diaz, ByCycling was nominated as the best of eight participants since they met all three criteria after pitching the idea in front of a four-member jury who was regarded as start-up experts.

ByCycling: What you need to know!

According to Josh Diaz, ByCycling is an automatic Day-to-Day cycling tracker that inspires you to switch wasted time in traffic for active time when commuting. In addition to that, riding the bike to work lets you earn cash or extra days off as part of your employer’s commuter benefit program.

Moreover, the company offers a cycling platform designed to help companies stimulate bike commuting in a fun and efficient way. The company works closely with medium to large employers, creating a specific incentive program to increase workforce health by stimulating bike to work. while reducing your carbon footprint.

App available on both Android and iOS

Unlike other fitness apps, ByCycling runs in the background of the phone and uses GPS to detect automatically when you’re riding. At present, the app is available on both iOS and Android platform. As per the company claims, the app will use approximately 6 per cent of your battery during daily use.

ByCycling has delivered an easy-to-use cycling tracker, and a secure web platform for employers to view and manage Bike-to-Work activities.

As reported by marketingfacts, Jury member Mei Lin Ang (IBM), Frozz founder and mentor of startups, is enthusiastic about ByCycling. “I think 80 percent of IBM employees come by car.” Assignment to ByCycling: get that 80 percent from their cars and on that bike. A final tip from the jury to Diaz: “Go for this and make it happen.”

We believe the best way to have the necessary daily physical activity, when there is no time or motivation, is bike commuting; which is also the fastest, cleanest, cheapest and most efficient way of transportation within cities,” said Jose Díaz, ByCycling’s CEO.

Close call!

Apart from ByCycling, there were other strong contestants including Rabbit Hole, Analysis Me, Appromoters, Game and Work, InteractiveFish, Hulc and The Leann. Furthermore, the upcoming activity of Online Tuesday is the New Year’s drink together with the IAB scheduled on January 8, 2019, in Hotel Arena.

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