This Dutch startup spearheading Netherland’s switch to clean energy wants to become the Tesla of electric motorbikes

This Dutch startup spearheading Netherland’s switch to clean energy wants to become the Tesla of electric motorbikes

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In the recent past, the means of transportation that appears to dominate the push for more eco-friendly fuel technology is cars. On the other hand, motorbikes are a viable option too, but sadly, the concept of an electric motorbike didn’t receive the amount of attention they deserve till now.

NXT Motors deserves your attention!

In fact, electric motorbike could make your daily commute cheaper and less stressful. Those of you who are interested in alternative fuel vehicles, the launch of electric two-wheelers from Dutch NXT Motors deserves your attention. With this electric motors bike, the company is planning to throw traditional designs overboard and to go for what is truly groundbreaking.

For the starters, the Dutch startup NXT Motors unveiled their new electric motorcycles at the MotorBeurs Utrecht show recently. Founded in 2016 by Harm Besseling, the company is planning to unveil two motorbikes – NXT Rage and NXT Raw.

100% electric, 100% premium

Positioned as a premium electric motorcycle, NXT Rage comes equipped with a carbon fibre monocoque designed to match its luxury price. Tagged as a naked bike, the company claims that NXT Rage comes with a single piece handlebar for comfortable ride position. Notably, the NXT RAGE electric motorbike comes in a two-seater configuration along with dual front brakes and a LED headlight.

Stronger and lighter!

After testing the first prototype (2017), NXT Motors chose to go with monocoque frames made of carbon. As a result, it gives the engine their streamlined design and a weight reduction of 25% compared to traditional designs.

It’s worth mentioning here that carbon monocoque frame achieves a certified strength with strength factor 4 – which is applicable in aviation – where strength factor 2 is the norm in the automotive industry.

7-inch display to provide all information

Moreover, the company claimed that the number of parts needed to build this motorcycle is about 70% lower compared to a traditional motorcycle. Interaction with the rider takes place via a 7-inch display that provides all necessary driving information and also offers additional functions, including clear full-screen colour navigation.

Makes use of maximum technical possibilities

Harm Besseling, director and head of technical development adds: “NXT Motors wants to offer its customers a motorcycle that uses the maximum of technical possibilities and offers them the ultimate experience. In the pipeline of NXT Motors, alongside the Naked Bikes launched, there are also extensions to other segments, including enduro, super sports and touring models. ”

Available for pre-order despite the lack of details!

At present, the NXT Rage is available for pre-order at a price of €950, which will hold your spot in line. The company is planning to deliver the NXT Rage this summer (2019). However, as per EVnerds, the bike will be somewhere priced around €24,950.

Rivals to catch up!

With this move, NXT joins the bandwagon of other electric motorcycles debuting this year. One that comes to mind is the California-based electric motorcycle makers Zero and Lightning. Both the company is set to launch its new models in the coming weeks.

Wants to be game changer!

With the development of attractive and affordable powerful electric motorcycles, NXT Motors aims to be a ‘game changer’ on the international motor market.

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