London-based mental health app startup Unmind secures €3.4M funding from Felix Capital

London-based mental health app startup Unmind secures €3.4M funding from Felix Capital

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Unmind is a UK-based well-being platform for the mental health of employees. Basically, the B2B service provides clinically-backed tools, assessments and training for employees in a bid to enhance the mental health of the workforce.

Raises €3.4 million funding

Now recently, Unmind has raised £3 million (nearly €3.4 million) in a funding round. This round was led by Felix Capital, a London-based venture capital firm along with the founders of Thomsons Online Benefits – Michael Whitfield and Chris Bruce.

Headquartered in London, the startup will use the new investment to improve its consumer grade, mobile first product and increase its database of proprietary content. It also aims to help create a workplace environment where the employees’ mental health is understood, nurtured and celebrated.

So, how does it work?

The digital startup is based on a mobile app. The Unmind app includes personalised assessments, bite-sized exercises for well-being and customised programmes to improve focus, reduce stress and improve sleep. The platform is designed to be anonymous and employees can use it to measure, manage and enhance their well-being and mental health.

Strategic partnerships

Founded in 2016 by Nick Taylor, Nick Tong, Ry Morgan and Steve Peralta, Unmind has partnered with various organisations including Pentland Brands, Thomsons Online Benefits, Yorkshire Building Society, William Hill, Square Enix,, John Lewis & Partners and more.

“There is not enough support in society for people’s mental health, and this is especially true in the workplace,” explains co-founder and CEO Dr Nick Taylor, who is a Clinical Psychologist. “Everyone has mental health -– and supporting it is integral to a successful workforce –- but most provisions are highly reactive and heavily stigmatised, leading to low uptake amongst employees”.

“The digital platform offers personalised assessments, bite-sized tools, online interventions, and confidential signposting to other services,” he explains. “Employees can anonymously access Unmind at any time, anywhere, on any device”.

“Unmind is now used in many countries around the world which is an exciting place to be given the early stage of the company,” says Taylor. “We are focused on working with enterprise clients with 1,000 plus employees”.

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